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The project is located in West Africa, Togo, in the region of Kpalimé, 120 km from the capital Lomé. Togo has a population of 6.5 million inhabitants. The country is politically stable and secure, but has a weak economy highly dependent on agriculture.


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​​Food Forest

Our Dream

​​Ecological Center

​​​Tropical Forest

Permaculture & Agroforestry Project

We dream of returning to a more harmonious way of life with nature, to restore this space to the tropical forest that existed on this land before. We aspire to become an inspiration to others to live as autonomously and ecologically as possible.
Zion'Gaïa is a permaculture project based on the principles of agroforestry. Located in Togo, West Africa, it aims to develop a self-sufficient food and energy farm by giving the trees their space in the African rural landscape. More than just a farm, the idea is to create an ecological and educational center for the exchange of knowledge between different actors. This will promote a healthy and harmonious lifestyle with the environment. The main task is to reforest the 28 hectares of land with various native and fruit trees of the region.



We believe that solutions to environmental problems begin with our own actions and that the only way to make a change is to be part of this change. Alone we can do very little, but when we work together, we are capable of much more. Let us be agents of change we wish to see around us. There are a thousand ways to come together. Each of us has a place in this ecological transition.
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