Useful information for volunteers

You want to join us in Togo and experience life in the African bush? Do not hesitate. Come and help us!

To consider :

- Visa: Togo requires a visa that can be paid by entering the country 20,000F for a month. Visa renewal is easily done at the migration office.

- Official language: French

Local language (spoken in the region): Ewé

Languages ​​spoken on the project: French, English, Spanish, Ewé

- Vaccines (yellow fever is compulsory, typhoid fever and hepatitis are highly recommended).

Sometimes we have tools, machines we no longer use, which we almost forgot, in the back of the garage. Others could make great use of it. In Togo, it is sometimes difficult to find good machines and good mechanical tools. If you would like to donate tools, do not hesitate to let us know. We can go to you to recover these wonders and make them arrive to Togo.

Candidates must have a great willingness to help! Indeed, life in the bush is not the easiest. Living conditions are precarious. At the moment we do not have electricity, access to drinking water is limited, we cook on the wood fire and the accommodation is camping style. We hope that soon we can welcome you in better conditions. There is also the possibility to rent accommodation in a village at 40 min from the project.

All the seeds interest us to increase the biodiversity of the project (trees, shrubs, vegetable crops). If you would like to donate seeds do not hesitate to write to us. However, all seeds will be studied for the risks of spreading in the environment.

On the project we do very varied activities, planting trees, vegetable garden, bio-construction, installation of sustainable technologies. If you have knowledge in the field or want to learn about the subject, you are welcome.

Sponsoring Zion'Gaïa Project

For 1 € you can plant a tree?

We try to often organize activities to harmonize our community relations (yoga, drum circle, ceremony, painting, games, meditation, music, aerial dance). Everyone is free to share his activities with others.

If you wish to sponsor the project, it is very easy. You just have to subscribe to sponsorship by clicking the following link.

Another way to help

If you would like to help us by donating green technology, you are welcome.

Volunteering is completely free. We are committed to offering 2 meals a day and drinking water.
All transportation is at the volunteer's cost.

Want to come as a volunteer or a trainee?

Did you know ? Donations made to the association are deductible from taxes.

The sponsor commit for one year to donate $12 monthly. By clicking on the link, you activate a monthly donation for 12 months. These donations will be debit directly on your banking card or on your paypal account. If you prefer to donate by international banking transfer, we can provide you our organisation bank account references in France.

You can make a donation of your choice, directly online, with a secure payment.

You can also support us by making a monthly bank transfer.


You can make a cash deposit via western union / money gram.